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2500 Baden, Austria

Elisabeth Constantine


Here, my dear EarthAngel, are my English books and CDs!

If you are ordering from Austria or Germany you can order all of them via oder under the section "Englische Buecher".

If you would like some soundbites of the CDs please visit my enlish website Please note, that it is "out of date" concerning dates and events as I am now working from Austria.

If you are a native english speaker und would like a private consultation or a group of people who are interested in a Seminar, I am very happy to oblige, working or teaching in the english language.

Have fun browsing!

I have taken all the photographs in this book, most of them in Cornwall.

The cover-photos for the CDs have been taken by me in Cornwall.

The Cover photos forLight Diet book and the Light Diet CD have been taken by me in Cornwall and on the famous Naschmarkt in Vienna.

The portal to my english website is:

Please note, that the site is "out of date", but contains other interesting bits and bobs.